Natural Health Consult

Susan can offer an Integrative health consult with anthroposophic remedy’s and can include her knowledge of herbs, nutrition and lifestyle advice. This can be conducted in person or via Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

Rhythmical Body Oilings

Rhythmical Body Oilings – a type of Rhythmical massage using oils specific to the patients symptoms & medical needs.  Beneficial as well for emotional support and improving wellbeing.

Hypericum  – Warming. For the mentally and physically fatigued. Poor circulation. Nervous children. When rhythm is lacking. Spinal issues and pain. Builds immunity.

Prunus  – Convalescence in children. Post surgery/post birth. Physical exhaustion. Chronic fatigue.

Solum Uliginosum – Weather sensitivity. Spinal issues. Weather sensitivity. PTSD. Chronic pain. Nurturing for sensitive children and adults.

Mallow Oil – For very gentle nurturing of body and mind during times of stress or sensitivity.

Equisetum – Depression. Chronic eczema/neurodermatitis.

Rose – Supports the rhythmic realm. Anxiety. Depression – particularly post natal.

Chamomile – Particularly effective for children, for restlessness, difficulty sleeping and upset children.

Nettle – Supports incarnation. Strengthens iron forces.

Rosemary – Has an awakening quality. Helps to incarnate a person. For chronic fatigue. To bring support in depression. Warming. Nourishes the senses.

Melissa ( lemon balm) – Dysmenorrhea and pre-menstrual tension. Digestive support. Useful for a mother who is experiencing postnatal depression.

Lemon – Supports boundaries and focus. Refreshes and renews. Centers.
Foot baths

Lemon – sinus and congestion, increase vitality, emotional and physical boundaries.

Lavender – useful in mental exhaustion, easing stress and tension, promotes sleep.

Rosemary – fatigue and depression. Especially good for those who have trouble waking up in the morning!

Mustard – headaches/migraines, asthma, sinusitis, chronic upper respiratory tract infections.

Compresses & Body Wraps

A few examples;

Chamomile abdominal compress  abdominal aches and cramps – including period pain. Constipation, flatulence and it alleviates and reduces restlessness. It soothes tension & fear & promotes sleep.

Ginger kidney compresses  – lung conditions and bronchial asthma. Problems with skin, kidneys and joints. Rheumatic conditions, chronic eczema and psoriasis. Chronic health issues, allergies, fear and pain.

Yarrow abdominal compress  – Supports liver and detoxification. Stimulates appetite and metabolism. Stimulates activity in depressive states. Stimulates vitality in chronic conditions; ie eczema, cirrhosis and cancer. Supporting the liver when detoxing.

Mustard chest compress – chest congestion, bronchitis and pneumonia. For inflammation which is not resolving in the lungs.

Lemon leg compresses – For supporting the fever process in children and to help with high fevers.


Hydrotherapy with specially chosen oils from jungabard. The patient is massaged with brushes in the oil dispersion bath. After the bath the patient is wrapped and left to rest for a period of time. This therapy is used for all manner of disorders and symptoms in mind and body. It is nourishing for soul and spirit and improves immunity.

Ointment Cloths

Ointment Cloths is a passive treatment when an active massage is too much. A few examples below;

Rose, lavender gold ointment cloth – on the heart to give emotional space in threshold experiences, birth, dying & illness. Also for things like becoming a teenager etc.  it is good for general anxiety and fearful situations.

Oxalis solar plexus ointment cloth – Supportive treatment in cases of shock and trauma. Present trauma or past trauma.

Organ Massage

Organ massage for the liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and gall bladder using prescribed ointments made with homeopathic metals. A few examples:

Homeopathic lead for the spleen – address food allergies, nutritional disturbances, metabolic weakness, stimulates a return to healthy instincts.  Helps with a loss of direction in life.

Homeopathic iron for the gall bladder – anaemia and depression where there is a lack of will and motivation and difficulty making a decision. Constipation, lack of appetite, nausea and assists in post natal depression.

The form, rhythm & substances used in the Rhythmical body oiling’s and organ massage address the body and or organ and offer it an archetype for healthy function.

Fever care information and advice in normal childhood illnesses.
Mistletoe information and how to access it for cancer patients.

Treatment Plan

At the first visit a case history is taken and a treatment plan is then discussed.  This includes the areas of the body to be treated and the use of appropriate organic oils and creams. A series of treatments may be recommended, often for a period of at least four weeks.  The longer the problem has persisted, the more treatments may be needed.

For example; a series of Yarrow liver compresses would be used to support different conditions. Such as Glandular fever or deep grief & sadness.  Firstly a lemon or lavender footbath is given to warm the entire body, then we would apply the hot herbal compress made from Yarrow over the liver.  You are then  wrapped warmly for 40 to 50 minutes.

Over a series of treatments you may notice more energy, and an increased enthusiasm & interest in life.  Working to support the liver helps enhance the liver’s ability to detoxify & heal the body.   The lavender footbath soothes the nervous system. The lemon footbath increases vitality & helps support healthy emotional boundaries.