Rudolf Steiner founded Anthroposophy – meaning wisdom of the human being.

It offers insights into what it means to be a human being & the spiritual and physical nature of human beings in relation to  the cosmos, planets, minerals, animals and plants.
Anthroposophic Medicine was established by Dr. phil. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. med. Ita Wegman in 1920. Since then it has been continuously developed further in hospitals and by independent doctors. It is now practised in over 60 countries. The therapeutic system is a multi-professional one, with shared concepts for diagnosis and therapy.

Anthroposophical Nursing extends the traditional art and science of nursing to reflect a more complete picture of the developing human as an incarnating being of physical body, life body, soul and spirit—in other words, a spiritual being in a human body. This view allows the anthroposophical nurse to address processes not yet fully understood by conventional technology. Anthroposophical Nurses walk with their patients on their unique journey toward healing. They know that the healing process ultimately rests within each individual, whose destiny and freedom is respected at all times.

The Anthroposophic Nurse therapies work to refresh the soul & body through nourishing the senses.  The challenges and distress of contemporary life take a toll on the senses & this work actively restores balance and provides nutrition for the soul.

Anthroposophical nurses provide therapeutic interventions including compresses, poultices, wraps, rhythmical body oiling’s, & hydrotherapy, using medicinal botanicals and other natural substances. These therapies bring balance and harmony to body, mind, spirit and soul, together with a sense of support, renewal and increased personal initiative.

Anthroposophical Medicinal plants, oils, and homeopathic remedies are made with a varied range of formulation processes which are important for the healing process itself and are honouring to the plant, mineral or metal and the human being.